Our business and reputation are based on 7 guiding principles

Our clients rely on AS Solution to protect some of their most valuable assets: their people. That’s why we base our business and reputation on these guiding principles that keep us true to our mission and close to our clients’ needs.

We provide corporate executive protection (EP) services that are second to none. AS Solution is a pioneer and leader within corporate executive protection. We have extensive experience with many of the largest and most diverse companies in the world. We never settle for anything less than the best possible EP team we can provide with the available resources – and we don’t expect our clients to, either. While many of our staff have military or law enforcement backgrounds, we place particular emphasis on balancing the hard skills of EP with the soft skills necessary to thrive within complex, fast-moving international business environments.

We are reliable. All of our EP agents and managers are highly trained in both security and emergency medicine skills. Before joining AS Solution, all agents must undergo wide-ranging background checks and psychological tests. Our global partners are held to the same firm standards we have set for ourselves. AS Solution is one of the few EP companies that has achieved ISO 9000:2008 certification for its quality systems and processes. We have also achieved ISO 14001 for our environmental management, and ISO 28007 for our maritime protection services.

 We learn from our experience. In the security industry, experience is just as important as training. Our staff has broad experience in all aspects of corporate EP, from strategy to implementation. Our traveling security teams have logged more than 55,000 days on the road. In 2014 alone, we successfully undertook 1,695 EP details for almost 200 clients worldwide. Upon completion, each project undergoes a quality assurance assessment that helps us identify and share best practices and to continually improve.

 We adapt to our clients’ organizational cultures and personal preferences. While security always comes first, we recognize that the ultimate success of an EP program depends on putting people before processes. That’s why we adjust our teams, their training and procedures to fit the business cultures and lifestyles of our clients. A one-size-fits-all EP program is not a good match for anyone, and only holistically conceived EP programs that adapt to the individual preferences of the client will achieve sustainable success. Our agents understand when to blend in with the wallpaper and when to stand up and be noticed.

We provide true worldwide service. We have offices and full-time staff in five continents as well as long-term partners wherever our clients need to go. AS Solution has worked in more than 120 countries worldwide, and we are ready to follow and protect our clients wherever their businesses or passions may take them.

We respond quickly to client requests. Security comes before all other business needs, and we believe clients should not have to wait for it. We are able to set up full-service EP programs within hours, not days. We can have a team ready anywhere on the planet when you need it. And we get a proposal on your desk when you ask for it.

We scale our services according to client needs. Whether you need help traveling to a single destination or want to turn around an entire corporate EP program, AS Solution is ready to help. Some of our major EP clients started with secure transportation for one trip; others through a consulting assignment. All of our clients rely on us to provide tailor-made services that fit their immediate requirements, but can be rapidly scaled and adjusted in geographic or service scope as needs evolve.