Our story

Christian West started AS Solution because he couldn’t find an executive protection company he wanted to work for.

Back then, all EP providers were doing cookie-cutter EP based on outdated police or military approaches. Corporate clients often felt uncomfortable with the services, and contracts always ended in one of two ways: either the client decided he didn’t want EP anyway (even though he still needed it), or the client fired one EP provider after another as things didn’t work out. Either way, the outcomes were no good for the client or for the EP company.

Christian had worked with corporate and celebrity clients in both the U.S. and Europe, and he knew things could be different. In fact, he knew that they had to be different: unless EP providers truly understood and appreciated the corporate client’s personal preferences and organizational cultures – and built their services around this understanding – the services would never really work in a sustainable way. And for the kind of clients who need EP, the services simply must work. Day in, day out.

This didn’t mean that all EP providers needed to do was to make the client comfortable, or that best-practice EP disciplines don’t matter. It’s not about being feel-good rather than hard-nosed. Excellent EP is based on proven, best-in-class methods and strict adherence to standard operating procedures. It’s also based on a 360-degree understanding of the client’s lifestyle, productivity and personal requirements, and the many contexts and connections that impact these. It’s about getting both the hard and the soft skills right, and performing to the highest standards, all the time.

Ultimately, Christian realized, good executive protection makes the client safe, happy and productive – without compromising any of the three.

Christian founded AS Solution on this belief in 2003, and has run the company according to it ever since. If we do this well, he believed, we’d develop lasting relationships with excellent clients. We’d attract excellent people who really want to work this way. And we’d have to keep changing and improving to do it all sustainably and successfully.

Since then, AS Solution has changed a lot. We’ve kept our original clients safe, happy and productive for years, and we’ve added many more. We’ve moved our center of operations from Denmark to the U.S. to get even closer to the many Fortune 500 companies we now serve. We’ve recruited some of the best people in the industry – also plenty with military and law enforcement backgrounds – to improve and grow our range of services. And we’ve opened offices and added vetted partners around the world in order to serve our clients wherever they need to go in an increasingly connected world.

Today, AS Solution is recognized as a world leader in corporate executive protection. Christian ended up running the kind of company he wanted to work for. We worked hard to get here, and we know we have to continue to work hard and change as our clients’ needs evolve. Because it’s still about keeping them safe, happy and productive.