Holiday gift ideas for your favorite road warrior

December 19, 2013 - By Christian West

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Like life, travel just wouldn’t be as fun without gadgets. We asked some of our AS Solution colleagues – the ones who really add up the air miles – to share their personal favorites. What are the things they always pack on a trip, whether it’s for work or play?

Check out the gadgets and other must-bring items some of our guys pack for a trip. You might find a special something for that special someone. You’ll definitely discover a thing or two you’ll want to pick up for yourself. We’ll be running through their suggestions over the next few days as we count down to Christmas.

Here’s the list from our first happy traveler. He says he doesn’t pack anything special into his checked luggage, but always brings the following in his carry-on:

  • Smartphone with apps:
    • Twitter – great for real-time updates on everything from local events to revolutions on the rise
    • TweetDeck – a good way to organize Twitter streams into the topic channels you want to keep an eye on
    • Google Maps – indispensable for staying on track almost anywhere
    • Waze – Social app with GPS maps and traffic info. 50 million users help each other stay up to date, moment-by-moment, on road situations all over the planet. Know about accidents, hazards, traffic jams, police traps, etc., before you drive into them
    • Remote phone wipeout – let’s you call your phone from the Internet to find it, leave a message for the idiot who stole it – or wipe it clean if all hope is gone. Different apps for different phones
  • Noise-cancelling Bose headphones and spare battery
  • Small meds kit with painkillers, antihistamines, Band-Aids, etc.
  • A pack of wet wipes – the kind used for babies: great for cleaning a spill on clothes, hands after a tire change, or almost anything else you get yourself into
  • Laptop with power cable
  • Tablet with USB cable
  • Multi-option power adapter
  • Encrypted USB flash drive as backup: Put all your key documents (presentations, manuals and other stuff you must have – even if your laptop dies or goes missing) on one of these and keep it somewhere besides your laptop case. They’re encrypted, so anybody who tries to break into it and get your data will have to know a very strong password. Some of them even self-destruct if fiddled with. See for example
  • Tactical pen – great for writing notes, filling in immigration forms and taking care of other business
  • Passport
  • Wallet

Christian West

Founder and CEO

Christian has been active in the executive protection industry since the late 1980s, when he worked for Danish musicians who relocated to Hollywood. Upon returning to Denmark, he founded his own EP company, which he quickly grew into Scandinavia’s largest, before it was acquired by Securitas.

Christian founded AS Solution in 2003, and again in 2009 followed his international clients to the US, where he is now based. An active member of ASIS and a leader in the corporate executive protection industry, Christian has personally planned and led high-profile engagements in over 76 countries for a wide variety of corporate and high net worth individual clients, including the international roadshow for the biggest IPO in history.