Helping to reunite families across the city and around the world

Helping to reunite families across the city and around the world

A popular misconception about close protection is that it’s a service meant exclusively for corporations and high net worth individuals. The reality is that our close protection services can be scaled for both entire corporations and all kinds of people. Our programs may last for years or for just a matter of days during a period of heightened uncertainty.

This case illustrates how we adapt our experience from protecting large firms and HNWIs to help another kind of clientele:  families going through custody battles that sometimes result in kidnappings.

The challenge: Provide round-the-clock service to families in challenging times

Family members going through a heated custody battle requested help as they feared for their own safety as well as that of their children, who had been illegally abducted by an ex-partner.

The solution: Protect the family and find their missing children

Relying on our experience in handling high-stress environments and threats from unstable individuals, we placed round-the-clock close protection agents with the family and used time-tested investigatory tactics to understand the abductor we were dealing with and how to locate and monitor him.

Responsiveness is key to providing security in these situations. When we determined a heightened risk situation, the clients were moved to a secured location until the threat passed. We also made sure the clients altered their routines and routes in order to reduce time and place predictability.

Responsiveness was also important when we needed to find our client’s missing children. Agents assigned to the case needed to act immediately when required. When we received word from a reliable source that the absconding parent had been located on the other side of the world, our agent quickly traveled there to work with our vetted partners to help bring the missing children home.

The results: Justice was served and the family is back together

We were able to keep our clients and their children safe until the final hearings of their custody cases. We obviously need to respect the decisions reached by the courts, but we can thankfully say that after the verdict was rendered, our services were no longer needed.

We are glad to know that our services helped a parent reconnect with a missing child that had been taken overseas without their consent.