Keep 25,000 corporate event attendees safe – without them having to worry about security

Event security is one of the core services that we provide for our clients. This branch of security work can be incredibly varied and range from sporting events to outdoor music festivals to black-tie formal affairs. While each of these events and their corresponding venues present unique challenges, certain elements are essential to providing top-notch security regardless of the given circumstances: solid preparation, ongoing vigilance and flexible adaptability are all hallmarks of effective event security.

All three characteristics were on full display when a major corporation tasked us with providing security for their annual exposition that brings together business leaders, high net worth individuals and thousands of general attendees.

The challenge

Provide security for one of the largest public expos in the country and allow everyone to enjoy themselves without feeling overly burdened by security measures.

Our client puts on an annual conference that attracts scores of VIPs and industry professionals. One of its industry’s most anticipated events of the year, the conference always attracts a considerable amount of attention. This year it occurred on a truly grand scale: over 1,000 staff members, 70 different vendors and more than 25,000 attendees came together for the five-day event. To make security even more challenging, the activities took place in four separate locations throughout the host city, including a 1.4 million-square-foot convention center.

This massive conference further tested security management capabilities with an array of separate events with varying venue size, attendance numbers, clientele types and exclusivity. With hundreds of accredited journalists attending and digital cameras in 25,000 pockets
or purses, any security miscue could easily make headlines around the world. We needed to make sure that all of the participants made it to where they needed to be and that everything went off without a hitch.

The solution

Extensive planning and an integrated team of diverse specialists.

An event of this scale requires an immense amount of planning and preparatory work. We started working with our client ten months before the opening date. This allowed us to hammer out even the most minute of details and gain an intimate knowledge of the various venues that would be used during the expo.

The other key to success for events of this scale is the experience and expertise of a wide-ranging team of security professionals. In addition to embedded program managers working within the client organization, AS Solution also utilized multiple security agents, an on-site intelligence analyst, state-of-the-art technology, and even two four-legged colleagues, Whisky and Bandit.

The results

Seamless security, safe attendees, a successful event and a happy client.

Our diverse team and best practice procedures kept attendees safe and happy throughout the week. There were no significant security issues, and the client could focus on their ambitious agenda instead of worrying about safety concerns.

Once the event was over we took a brief period to review what we did well and what we could improve upon… and now we’re already busy planning for next year’s event.