Standardizing security protocols for a large corporation with many offices spread across the U.S.

Most companies have comprehensive security programs in place for their headquarters and some of their larger offices, but often overlook remote and satellite offices. These offices are sometimes set up in a hurry to establish a local presence and have relatively few employees. Often, they are leased in a larger office complex where access control standards vary greatly.

One company decided that not having a comprehensive security plan for all its locations was a risk it could no longer afford to take.

The challenge: Assess multiple locations quickly and consistently


A Fortune 500 company hired AS Solution for an objective, third-party evaluation of their current security operations for its 70 locations across 27 states and Washington, D.C. 

The client wanted to create a uniform standard for security policies and procedures for all locations, and required consistent reporting for all locations.


The solution: Rapid deployment of a new app and security experts

AS Solution deployed 20 security consultants across the U.S. to assess all locations. Our detailed inspections consisted of examining the facility and its operations during the day and at night and interviews of the property manager and key personnel at each location. 


To solve the challenge of providing consistent reports for all 70 locations, AS Solution’s IT team created an app just for this client and this risk assessment. The app prompted the consultants to answer the same questions for each location, then presented a report for all locations in a consistent format.

This app not only provided updated status reports, but also enabled the client to see the status of any location at any time.    


The results: Using technology and a team of experts, timely, consistent reporting unveiled a pattern of vulnerabilities

AS Solution quickly provided the client with a comprehensive RTVA for 70 locations nationwide. Our analyses and solutions revolved around the four pillars of security: physical means, technology, manpower and procedures (both preventative and emergency). 


AS Solution not only examined what was needed for each office, but what was needed company-wide. The comprehensive assessment discovered patterns of gaps in the current security policies across many locations. Our security consulting team recommended possible security solutions that were relevant to the client’s situation and aligned with the company’s culture and budget.