Working late so the client can have a hassle-free morning

There’s an old saying that “money makes the world go around”. This may still be true, but many companies are realizing that information is nearly as important. Access to the right information can give a company an invaluable leg up on its competition; failure to properly secure data can cause a company’s reputation to erode overnight. With a number of high-profile data breaches dominating the news cycle over the past 12 months, it is understandable why companies go to great lengths to protect sensitive data.

While encryption and digital barriers can greatly help reduce the risk of a data breach, securing physical objects like laptops and tablets is still necessary – also those held by ex-employees.

The challenge: Retrieve an ex-employee’s laptop to keep the client’s data secure

A company that stores sensitive financial information recently downsized and laid off a number of its employees. After one of the former employees left the corporate headquarters, the company’s HR department realized that they had not received his company laptop as well as his personal credentials to access the corporate servers.

The employee had already returned to his home country, and it was imperative for the company to retrieve its assets immediately. Could AS Solution recover the missing laptop and bring it back to the company?

The solution: Get our agent on the ground while the devices are still in the air

The client briefed us on the task the night before the ex-employee was set to return home.

With assistance from our ASOC team, our agent had a list of the outstanding assets and a copy of the company’s chain of custody agreement ready to be signed before the plane even touched down.

Dealing with recently laid-off employees can sometimes be emotional. Our agent knew how to deescalate the situation and made sure that everything was handled properly and professionally.

The results: We returned the goods safe and sound

We were able to retrieve the laptop for our client quickly and without any drama.

When the company’s local branch opened for business the next morning, our agent was there to deliver not only the laptop, but some peace of mind as well.