Eric Stewart

Director of Operations, Embedded Services

Eric Stewart is a retired U.S. Army officer having spent over twenty years with Army Special Forces, serving worldwide, primarily in Latin America and the Middle East.

During his time in the military Eric was deployed on countless highly sensitive and specialized missions while working directly for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense. He is thoroughly cross-trained in all military special operations and intelligence skills and is a recognized authority on counter-terrorism tactics and techniques, and Latin American affairs.

After retiring from the military in 2006 Eric worked extensively as a security consultant with the international media, charged with safety and security of high-profile news gathering teams from CNN, Fox News, the BBC and others as they traveled the globe reporting on breaking world events. Aside from the media, Eric has worked on countless other interesting projects as a security consultant, such as the CBS television reality show, The Amazing Race.

Within the corporate security industry, Eric worked as a Project Manager for an immediate response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and again for the BP Oil Spill in Louisiana in 2010. Eric is highly skilled in all executive protection operations, and during his career has formed, equipped, trained, and deployed several executive protection details around the world.

In late 2015 Eric became an Operations Manager for AS Solution, building and managing corporate security projects throughout the world for what is now knowns as Global Special Operations.

In January of 2017 Eric assumed the role Director of Operations for O&R Protective Services, the event division for AS Solution.

A year later in February of 2018 Eric was named Director of Operations of AS Solution’s Embedded Projects Division, where he is currently serving.

Eric has a B.S. in International Finance, an M.A. in International Studies (Latin America), and an MBA. He is a Nationally Registered and active Paramedic, donating time to a Level One Trauma Center in Chicago as well as training Emergency Medical Technicians. Eric speaks fluent Spanish, and elementary Japanese, Arabic, and Mandarin.