Corporate investigation services

Corporate investigations, or business investigations, look into irregularities within a company that may or may not be illegal, but do affect business performance, reputation or liability. Corporate investigators are also tasked with uncovering facts in disputes between companies, persons and government authorities.

Among other matters, corporate investigators are called upon to investigate fraud, theft, embezzlement, intellectual property disputes, data security breaches, and compliance issues. They may also provide information pertinent to mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, HR processes and many other business decisions.

Companies, families and other organizations use corporate investigators both in conjunction with and instead of local police authorities for reasons of discretion, and to add expert investigation techniques and resources to their pursuit of important information.

The AS Solution approach to corporate investigations

Our approach to corporate investigations builds on discretion and confidentiality combined with an exceptional degree of investigative capability.

All of our corporate investigators bring years of experience at the highest levels of national and international police work to the corporate world. Our mission is to provide clarity where there is uncertainty in order to drive business success.

Corporate investigation services

Investigations regarding:

  • Financial crime
  • Cyber crime
  • Data forensics
  • Brand protection
  • Crime scenes
  • Asset search and recovery
  • Securing evidence

Other services:

  • Professional interviews
  • Background investigations
  • Incident analysis
  • Security consultancy


We work with companies and their legal advisors in the following areas:

  • Banking and finance
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Tobacco
  • Luxury & fashion brands
  • Sports brands
  • Scientific research
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Criminal Law

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