Evacuation services

Evacuation services rescue people who are at risk due to difficult conditions and transport them safely to more secure environments.

Evacuation services are used to extract people from territories that are unsafe due to civil unrest, war, natural disasters or other factors that make normal travel methods too dangerous or impossible. The risks can also be medical – due to either accidents or illness – or can be due to any combination of all of the above reasons.

Our approach to evacuation services

24/7 coordination from the AS Solution Operations Center: Our special operations team runs all evacuation services from the AS Solution Operations Center (ASOC) in Bellevue, Washington. ASOC operates 24/7/365 to coordinate evacuations with local or regional AS Solution teams and our international network of vetted drivers, pilots and emergency medical professionals.

Experience: It is the experience of our team that informs our approach and delivers results. All managers have years of hands-on experience in the field, from their work in the intelligence community, the military or executive protection – and they know what it takes to manage resources and assets even when these are located on the other side of the planet.

Trust: Personal trust earned by repeated missions in difficult situations is another cornerstone of our approach. Our teams and vetted suppliers have proven their ability to perform evacuations in extreme circumstances, and these are the people we rely on to get things done.


  • Full-service evacuations to and from anywhere
  • Medical and emergency evacuation services
  • Evacuations due to natural disasters or political strife
  • Sourcing secure logistics and other ad hoc services


  • Travel risk management companies: We maintain master service contracts with some of the world’s leading travel risk management companies.
  • Corporate executive protection and other clients: We provide evacuation services on an ad hoc basis to our corporate EP clients, NGOs, insurers and individual families.