Executive protection apps

With ProtectionManager, executive protection professionals can plan, run and follow up on security details more efficiently and safely than ever before. Our road-tested user interfaces and powerful software do the heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on providing protection for your principals – not rummaging around for notes, files and pictures. 

  • Before the detail: Complete, document and share professional advance manuals on smart phones, tablets or computers
  • During the detail: Convenient, anywhere/anytime/any device access to all advance manuals and real-time status updates
  • After the detail: Update advance manuals anytime during or after the detail so your teams have one, centralized and approved tool for all locations; customize reports for different stakeholders

Integrated location tracking

Lots of apps provide location tracking. Only ProtectionManager builds this into a platform specifically designed for executive protection professionals:

  • Track principal and other corporate traveler locations – as well as protective agents
  • Emergency alert and check-in functions
  • GSOC integration

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