Intelligence analysis

The objective of corporate intelligence analysis is to monitor, analyze and report on the international corporation’s ever-changing security situation. Intelligence analysts focus on risks, threats and other developments that may impact the company’s people, assets, operations or reputation.

AS Solution develops and runs intelligence analysis programs as an integrated component of corporate executive protection and secure travel programs; we also provide intelligence analysts and stand-alone intelligence analysis services for other clients, who use them to ensure business continuity and the wellbeing of critical infrastructure.

Our approach to intelligence analysis

Top-tier staff: AS Solution utilizes highly skilled, experienced analysts dedicated to specific clients and their needs. The analysts work either at our own offices or, increasingly, embedded into our clients’ organizations.

Customized: Whereas third-party intelligence providers turn out standardized, cookie-cutter reports on cities or countries, our analysts work according to company-specific parameters and requirements. In addition to enhancing the executive protection effort, this results in actionable intelligence briefs that the corporation can utilize to optimize everything from site, travel and event security to operational or strategic decisions and corporate communications.

Global and local: Besides monitoring public and proprietary news sources, scrutinizing social media platforms, using their own network of contacts and even deep web surveillance, our analysts also have immediate access to AS Solution’s worldwide network of executive protection agents and security partners. This gives our analysts real-time, on-the-ground insight into local and national conditions that can make a critical difference for staff safety and business continuity.


Regular intelligence reports
Based on company-specific parameters, these reports provide timely updates to enable proactive decisions.

Travel intelligence assessments
Improve secure transportation with up-to-the-minute intel on specific destinations.

Event intelligence assessments
Understanding risks and threats to venues and principals is key to better event security.

Immediate response reports
We provide fresh intel from on the ground when natural disasters, civil unrest or terror disrupt business as usual.

Ad hoc and/or proactive intelligence reports
On-demand reports on trends and developments that could impact business continuity, staff security and company reputations.


Corporations and more: Organizations that use intelligence analysis include corporations with business interests and activities in many countries, companies in heavily scrutinized industries such as energy or mining, and organizations with very prominent leaders.

Embedded or concierge: AS Solution provides intelligence analysis through embedded programs which place full-time or contract analysts on location, so they are firmly entrenched within the client organization and able to draw on AS Solutions’ worldwide networks. We also provide concierge intelligence support designed to provide clients with specific intelligence reports on demand, or according to a range of predefined criteria.