Maritime Security Services

Maritime security services protect crews, vessels and other sea-going assets from threats while at sea or in port through a combination of security protocols, physical deterrents, training and armed or unarmed maritime security officers.

Piracy remains the most significant threat facing the international shipping industry. Maritime security services have proven an effective deterrent to keep pirates off ships – and crews safe.

Major shipping companies and private yacht owners use us as maritime security company in selected regions.

The AS Solution approach to maritime security services

Customer-centric: AS Solution entered the maritime security sector at the request of clients whom we served on land. Our maritime security services continue to be driven by customer requirements.

Fact-based and customized: We take a strategic approach that begins with a realistic evaluation of the risks, threats and vulnerabilities facing a given vessel on a given route. We then tailor solutions that integrate surveillance technology, physical protection measures, skilled and trained manpower and best-practice procedures in order to keep our clients safe wherever the voyage takes them.

Experience: As the largest maritime security company and provider in Scandinavia, we thrive on challenges that others say no to – all while adhering to the strictest international standards.

Quality assurance: AS Solution was the first maritime security company in the world to achieve double certification in ISO 9001 and ISO 28007 (Certified Armed Maritime Security Services). We were also the first maritime security company in Denmark to be voluntarily regulated by the Danish Police, so that our armed maritime security officers live up to the highest possible standards of safety and compliance with national and international legislation.

Our Maritime Security Services

Our services include the following areas of expertise:

  • Onboard security teams and consultants
  • Pre-transit risk analysis
  • Bridge advisors
  • Escort vessels
  • Yacht delivery
  • Tailored close protection services
  • Post-incident debriefing
  • Training


We are proud to have served a large number of international shipping companies, brokers and private yacht owners.