Operation center support

The AS Solution Operations Center (ASOC) provides clients with peace of mind and business continuity through coordinated, comprehensive and constant operational support for executive protection and other mission-critical activities.

Run by our experienced and expertly trained staff, ASOC is open and ready to respond to client needs no matter where in the world they might arise, 24/7/365.

ASOC is a combination of sharp minds, warm hands and advanced technology. Located in Bellevue, Washington and accessible from anywhere, it integrates proprietary tools, open-source and other intelligence sources, and on-the-ground reporting and response from AS Solution’s worldwide network of agents and partners.

Our approach to operation center support

Forward-leaning and dedicated: ASOC was specifically designed for executive protection and critical infrastructure support. We focus on fast logistical assistance and real-time and near-real-time intelligence in order to provide a comprehensive customer experience based on our primary mission: keeping our principals safe, happy and productive – no matter where their work or interests take them.

  • Before travel, ASOC facilitates advance work with the proprietary ADVANCE app so that executive assistants, security managers, agents and other authorized personnel gain immediate access to the latest itineraries, agendas and situation reports and can develop comprehensive, proactive support plans.
  • During travel, ASOC tracks client and agent locations and movements through the proprietary ODIN app, enabling immediate worldwide response and support as needed.
  • After travel, ASOC provides valuable metrics and lessons learned so that performance and productivity can be continuously improved.


Proactive and actionable intelligence: With ASOC, AS Solution seeks to proactively understand the risks, threats and other circumstances that can impact our clients’ current and upcoming spheres of interest, then to present these to clients in an actionable way.

We monitor events, persons and groups of interest, weather, socio-political developments and more. We relate this intelligence to our clients’ personal security and corporate value chains. ASOC pushes intelligence to clients only when there is a real or potential impact. Instead of having to keep an eye on cluttered inboxes, our clients know that a message from ASOC is something to pay attention to; should clients require more in-depth information on a subject, they simply request it and the report will be sent within 24-48 hours.



AS Solution clients: All AS Solution clients – be they corporations, family offices or philanthropic organizations – benefit from ASOC. We use ASOC to monitor and to provide backup and support for our executive protection, intelligence analysis, residential security, event security and other existing and new AS Solution programs.

Additional traveler support: Empowered by the ODIN app for mobile phones, AS Solution provides others in the organization or family – those who are not already the principals of an executive protection program – emergency response that is fast, reliable and convenient. This allows our client organizations to increase security for more people in more places simply and cost effectively.

Client-specific remote operations centers: AS Solution also develops and runs remote operations centers (ROCs) for clients, either on their premises or on ours. These can be designed and delivered to clients who then run them themselves at their own Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs), or run by dedicated AS Solution teams. All ROCs benefit from the same technology, training and procedures as the central ASOC – and can always draw on this for additional support.


  • Effective traveler tracking, support and emergency response empowered by the ODIN app for mobile phones
  • Remote video and alarm monitoring, including technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM), with feeds into ASOC or client GSOCs
  • Logistical, medical, intelligence, liaison and concierge support
  • Ongoing monitoring and backup of all other close protection and critical infrastructure activities
  • Proactive, customized monitoring and reporting on itineraries, events, developments and emerging risks that can impact client safety as well as corporate value chains and reputations