Residential Security Services

Residential security, also called estate protection or estate security, safeguards people and their properties from invasions of privacy, home invasions and other crimes, threats and disturbances.

Residential security depends on onsite physical protection measures that rely on a combination of technology, manpower and procedures.

The AS Solution approach to residential security

AS Solution bases all residential security services on a clear understanding of two contexts:

  • The threats, risks and vulnerabilities facing the family or individual and properties to be protected.
  • The family’s or individual’s lifestyle and preferences, how they use their homes, and how they would like to interact with the technological, manpower and procedural aspects of the protective program

Once we understand the overall protective context we customize solutions that are:

  • Effective and sustainable, as they are based on a comprehensive view of the client’s security needs and preferences.
  • Scalable, as they are built around protective layers that can be modified and strengthened as the client’s protective needs evolve.

Residential security services

  • Initial and ongoing risk, threat and vulnerability analyses, prepared by our consultants and enhanced by our intelligence analysis teams as needed
  • End-to-end project management and ongoing, proactive program maintenance and improvement
  • Complete residential security agent programs including recruitment, training, standard operating procedures and management
  • Tech installation and maintenance
  • Vendor relations and management
  • Background checks for all estate staff (including housekeeping, nannies, gardeners, etc.)


AS Solution provides residential security services for high net worth families and their residences around the world – both in conjunction with executive protection programs and separately.