Travel security services


We continue to provide secure travel services for clients worldwide.

Although many countries are shutting down borders and making cross-border trips difficult, our global network of carefully vetted specialists enables us to provide a wide variety of secure travel services within most countries. We can help with protected transportation of people and other assets, evacuations, relocations, and more.

Contact us 24/7 for immediate help with any secure travel needs.

Travel security services provide travelers with peace of mind by delivering customized, safe solutions regarding transportation, accommodations and associated travel activities domestically and abroad.

Unlike off-the-shelf travel aid such as that provided by travel agents or limousine/chauffeur/private driver companies, travel security services by AS Solution use only own staff or partners who are carefully vetted, managed and supported by our experienced operations team.

Clients can expect to maintain a high degree of security, productivity and flexibility while on the road, anywhere their business or other interests take them.

Our approach to travel security

Expert operational management: Every travel security detail is personally managed by one of our experienced operations team members. In addition to international security experience that is broad, deep and practical, our operations team provides clients with 24/7/365 planning, support, backup and emergency response capabilities that are second to none.

Carefully vetted service providers: All service providers are closely controlled to ensure that they deliver according to our high standards. Whether the trip goes to developed or emerging markets, clients can rely on our proven system of background checks, training and ongoing evaluations to ensure their wellbeing.

Focus on security, productivity and flexibility: While travel security is our first priority, productivity is a close second: We recognize that our clients’ time is one of their scarcest resources, and we organize accordingly so that “down time” can be used efficiently or restfully depending on client preferences. And though planning is our passion, we appreciate that even the best-laid plans also change in the middle of a trip, so we are ready to facilitate revised itineraries as needed.

Scalable worldwide service: Whether you require ground transportation in a single city or need to organize a multi-person, multi-country, multi-week odyssey, we can help. And we can scale up quickly – anywhere, anytime.

Travel security services

Our operations team builds on a strong combination of people, assets and networked knowhow to make things happen securely and discreetly almost anywhere on the planet.

  • 24/7/365 operations center
  • Traveler tracking with proprietary app and emergency response capabilities
  • Security drivers and vehicles for ground transportation
  • Private aircraft and pilots
  • Secure hotels and private accommodations
  • Intelligence gathering and analysis to evaluate travel and business continuity risks
  • Security audits/threat evaluations for countries, regions, cities, hotels, venues, etc.
  • Emergency medical assistance and evacuations
  • Flexible concierge assistance for all travel needs


  • Corporations
  • Family offices
  • Non-profits
  • NGOs